Friday, September 5, 2008

Why must we have II (men)

Seems as though "Why must we have drama" stirred up a lot of emotions and there are many requests to discuss the male side. No problem here, so let's discuss.

Why is it after the relationship ends it becomes the mother that is now the acting role of mother AND father? So many single woman are left with the pressures of maintaining the households, bills, and raising the child(ren) alone. To make matters worse there are a high number of males that do not make good efforts to help out financially or spend time with the child(ren). The women are left chasing them to get them to do right by the child(ren) or result to putting them on child support. Why should a parent need to be chased down to take care of their responsibilties? Or why should one have to do it alone? Children don't asked to be here so there should be no reason they have to suffer the consequences made by the parties that created them.

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My King is My World said...

I'm sure there will be responses about how the mother uses the child as bait to make sure the father does the right thing and i have always thought that answer to be foolish and immature. I remember reading an article where a man was suing because he stated he wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion and because she didn't consider his wishes he shouldn't have to pay child support.
Once again I reiterate that in these situations, the only thing that matters is the child. These men need to straighten up and fly right. I for one have stressed the importantace of physical presence over finanical contribution and have not sought child support or any financial contributions from my son's father, I just want him to be there for my son. So forgive me If i don't make the other woman comfortable. Im too busy TKOB to consider how you would feel as an "addition" to this family.

Too many men are caught up in the making babies part to participate in the more important parts.
Children are a blessing that ought to be nourished and brought up in a stable and loving environment and more often than not, the mother is forced to create this environment alone.
We have to do better.