Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Am I not good enough to marry

You have a better chance of catching small pox versus getting married. Are women a plague, or some awful disease men are afraid to catch. Being in a relationship is already a battle at times. You try to bring up the "M" word and it's like you said something foreign. They avoid the conversation totally or it's never the right time. After several years of being in a relationship and it appears to the woman you have something great but to men it's like ::sigh:: ok well guess we may as well go ahead and get married. Or all my friends women have trapped them so I may as well join the crowd. Sorry if that was a proposal you can keep that. Women wait a life time for that one special moment a man asks that question. Really, who wants to be a "may as well" or "nothing else to do"?


taya said...

lol...this is funny. Have you ever heard the phrase "why buy the cow when I get the milk for free"? Well that's what happens when you move in with a man WITHOUT discussing marriage before hand. Woman do wait forever just to get proposed to....but there are women who get married after like 8 months to 1 yr. Maybe we should be asking those women what are they doing to get these men to marry them up so quick!!!!!!!!!!

De'Antae said...

The ones that get married 8 months to 1 yr are the relationships/marriages that won't last. Marriage is a big commitment and not everyone is looking to get married. People because you are in a relationship that you HAVE to get married. Yes, if one of them is expecting marriage they should have discussed that with the other person before hand. There are a lot of negative things about marriage that most people/men don't want to deal with. Most of those negatives happen if the marriage ends. Marriage is nothing but a legal contract. Is it really necessary to validate your relationship? There are positive things about marriage, i.e. legal and economic, but who wants to get screwed when/if the marriage ends.

2fabulous said...

Forget how long the man takes to ask me to marry me it's the way he asks that counts with me. If you are not excited to spend your life with me or feel like the I bring you joy and you can't see yourself with out me then no thanks I'm not just taking any ole proposal. If I date you for 10 years and your excited about us taking that final commitment that just shows how truly you love me. If your like c'mon let's just go do it sounds like recipe for disaster cause your just doing it out of obligation. Truthfully you will know if marriage is in the cards for you, it would be discussed between the both of you. If your the only one bringing it up and then he dodging the conversation well it doesn't take a scientist to figure that out. But don't always put such emphasis on being married, it really is just a legal document. Focus on being happy, respectful, loving and honest in the relationship. Those are some qualities that starts the foundation. That paper will not make you act married; rather how you treat each other in the relationship does. I'm not married and do live with my man and it's not a big stress to be married. We love and respect each other and have a good household, if we add that "legal document" great but in the mean time we still treat each other with the same respect.